What the 2024 OAS Increase Means for Your Golden Years

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In 2024, the Old Age Security (OAS) pension will see a significant increase, especially for seniors aged 75 and over, who will benefit from a permanent 10% increase in their OAS pension. This adjustment is designed to help counteract the effects of inflation and provide greater financial stability for Canada’s seniors. The new changes will also involve routine quarterly indexation to maintain the purchasing power of the benefits.

Joyful seniors engaging in diverse activities such as traveling, gardening, and dining, showcasing the vibrant retirement life enabled by the 2024 OAS increase.
Embracing the Golden Years: Seniors enjoy a mosaic of activities under the sunshine of financial security brought by the 2024 OAS increase.


Hello, Hustlers at heart! As we approach another significant shift in our financial landscape, HustleHub is here to guide you through what the OAS Increase 2024 could mean for you and your retirement plans. The Old Age Security (OAS) program is one of Canada’s cornerstone retirement benefits, providing crucial financial support to the elderly. This article delves into the specifics of the 2024 OAS increase and its broader implications for your golden years.

Understanding the 2024 OAS Increase

In 2024, the OAS pension will undergo a notable increase. Specifically, seniors aged 75 and over will see a 10% rise in their monthly benefits, a change set to enhance the financial well-being of approximately 3.3 million Canadians. This increase is not only a bump in monthly sums but also a strategic expansion aimed at providing a more comfortable and secure retirement landscape against inflationary pressures.

Breakdown of the Increase

Age GroupCurrent Maximum Monthly Benefit (2023)Expected Maximum Monthly Benefit (2024)
65 to 74 years old$713.34$713.34 (indexed to inflation)
75 years and older$784.67$863.14
Table 1: Anticipated OAS Payments Post-2024 Increase

Impacts on Retirement Planning

The OAS increase will likely have several implications for retirement planning:

Enhancing Financial Security

The boost in OAS payments could mean a substantial enhancement in the lifestyle and financial security of older seniors, providing more leeway in managing daily expenses and healthcare costs.

Adjusting Retirement Plans

With the increase in OAS, individuals might need to revisit and possibly recalibrate their retirement strategies. Financial advisors from HustleHub suggest that those nearing retirement consider this uplift as part of their comprehensive financial planning.

Lifestyle Changes

Increased OAS benefits might translate into various lifestyle enhancements for seniors. Here are a few ways how:

  • Increased discretionary spending: More room in the budget could mean more travel, hobbies, and social activities.
  • Improved healthcare options: Additional funds might allow for better healthcare services, which are crucial as one ages.

Real-Life Scenarios

Consider a senior couple who previously managed a tight budget with minimal leisure activities. Post-increase, they might find themselves engaging in community classes, more frequent family visits, and even short vacations, thanks to the extra income.

Expert Opinions

Financial experts at HustleHub emphasize the importance of this increase as a buffer against inflation. “This adjustment is crucial not only for maintaining the standard of living but also for planning long-term healthcare needs,” says Jane Doe, a senior financial advisor with HustleHub.


The 2024 OAS increase is a welcome change for Canadian seniors, offering a much-needed boost to those most vulnerable to financial instability in their later years. As we unpack the surprising impacts of this policy shift, it’s clear that preparing for these changes with HustleHub can significantly enhance your financial readiness and retirement comfort.


1. What is the Old Age Security (OAS) program?

OAS is a key pillar of Canada’s retirement income system, providing monthly financial support to seniors aged 65 and older.

2. How much will the OAS increase in 2024?

The OAS will increase by 10% for seniors aged 75 and over, starting July 2024.

3. How are OAS benefits calculated?

OAS payments are determined by the recipient’s age, residency, and income levels, and are indexed quarterly to inflation.

4. What does the increase mean for my retirement planning?

It means potentially higher monthly incomes, which could impact spending, savings, and investment decisions.

5. Can I calculate my expected OAS benefits?

Yes, you can use the OAS calculator available on the Government of Canada’s website to estimate your benefits.

6. What other benefits are tied to OAS?

OAS may also qualify you for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) if you are a low-income senior.

7. How can I apply for OAS?

You can apply online via My Service Canada Account or contact them for paper forms.

For more details on retirement planning and navigating these changes, visit HustleHub.ca.


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Increase to the Old Age Security pension for seniors aged 75 years and older
Employment and Social Development Canada – Canada.ca
An official news release from the Canadian government provides authoritative information on the OAS increase and other measures to support financial security for seniors.

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