Earn Aeroplan Points on Grocery and Retail Orders with Uber Eats

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Are you an Aeroplan member looking for more ways to earn points? Exciting news awaits! Now, you can earn Aeroplan points on your grocery and retail orders with Uber Eats. In this article, we’ll explore how you can take advantage of this new earning opportunity, maximize your rewards, and unlock exclusive offers. Keep in mind that some promotions mentioned may have expired, so act quickly to make the most of these benefits.

Earning Aeroplan Points with Uber Eats

Starting from May 3, Aeroplan members have the chance to earn 1 Aeroplan point for every $1 spent on eligible orders in the Grocery and Retail sections of the Uber Eats app. The best part? There’s no minimum spend requirement, making it easier than ever to accumulate points while enjoying the convenience of food delivery.

5x Points Launch Offer

To celebrate this exciting addition, a launch offer is available. You can earn 5x Aeroplan points on your next grocery or retail delivery order with Uber Eats. This limited-time bonus offer is valid from May 3 to 31. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your points-earning potential.

Additional Aeroplan Bonuses with Uber

In addition to the 5x points launch offer, there are other enticing bonuses available for Aeroplan members who link their Uber and Uber Eats accounts:

1. New 250-point Monthly Bonus: Earn an extra 250 bonus Aeroplan points every month by completing an eligible ride (premium or airport ride), a restaurant food delivery order of $40 or more, and an eligible order from the Grocery or Retail section through Uber and Uber Eats in the same calendar month. It’s an Uber hat trick that keeps your points balance growing consistently.

2. New Eater Bonus: If you’re new to Uber Eats, opening your first account and completing an eligible order from the Restaurant, Retail, or Grocery sections can earn you a bonus of 1,000 Aeroplan points. It’s a fantastic way to kick-start your rewards journey.

3. New Rider Bonus: For those who haven’t used Uber before, signing up for your first Uber account and taking your inaugural ride can earn you a bonus of 1,000 Aeroplan points. Enjoy the ride and watch your points soar.

4. Uber Cash Conversion: Need to top up your Uber wallet? Convert your Aeroplan points into Uber Cash within the Uber app. Starting from as little as 3,000 points, you can exchange them for $25 worth of Uber Cash, which can be applied towards future Uber orders or an Uber One subscription. Please note that the conversion rate is subject to change, so be sure to check the current rates.

Maximizing Your Aeroplan Points with Uber and Uber Eats

If you’re eager to maximize your Aeroplan points, there’s a way to boost your earnings even further. Paying for your orders with the American Express Cobalt Card can be a game-changer. With the Cobalt Card, you’ll earn 5 points per $1 spent on Uber Eats, which converts at a 1:1 ratio to Aeroplan. This means that during the launch offer period, your first order could potentially earn you an incredible 10 Aeroplan points per dollar spent. Afterward, you’ll still enjoy a total of 6 Aeroplan points per dollar spent on future orders.

Linking Your Aeroplan and Uber Accounts

To start earning Aeroplan points on your Uber and Uber Eats orders, make sure to link your Aeroplan and Uber accounts. Follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Uber or Uber Eats app and tap the menu icon located in the top-left corner.

2. From the menu, select “Settings.”

3. Scroll down and find the “Aeroplan” option under the Rewards section.

4. Tap “Link Account” and log into your Aeroplan account.

5. Once your accounts are successfully linked, you’ll begin earning points on qualifying Uber/Uber Eats or Grocery orders.


The expanded partnership between Aeroplan and Uber opens up new avenues for earning valuable Aeroplan points. By utilizing Uber Eats for your grocery and retail deliveries, you can earn points on everyday purchases. Remember to take advantage of the launch offer and additional bonuses available to Aeroplan members. Don’t forget to link your Aeroplan and Uber accounts to start enjoying the benefits today. Visit [www.aircanada.com/uber](www.aircanada.com/uber) for more information on this exciting partnership.

*Disclaimer: This article includes promotions. Please note that some promotions may have expired. Visit the respective websites for the most up-to-date offers and terms.*

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