OAS $1445 Boost May 2024 – Know Payment Date & Eligibility Check|Latest News

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Hustlers, are you ready for some exciting news? The Trudeau government has announced a boost of $1445 for Old Age Security (OAS) benefits in May 2024! 🎉 This boost is specifically aimed at providing additional financial support to seniors who are living below the poverty line. Let’s dive into the details:

Happy senior citizen viewing increased Old Age Security benefits on a laptop in a cozy home setting.
Joyful senior checks new OAS boost of $1445 on the laptop at home.


  • Confirmed OAS Payment Date: May 26, 2024
  • Monthly Amount: Up to $1,850 for eligible seniors
  • Eligibility: Age 65+, legal resident, 10+ years in Canada
  • Check Deposit Date: Via Service Canada Account

What Is the OAS $1445 Boost?

The OAS $1445 Boost is a one-time payment that will be given to eligible seniors. If you’re already receiving OAS payments and are aged 65 or above, you’re in line to receive this boost. 🌟

Why Is This Boost Significant?

Viewed through a nationwide lens, this OAS payment boost becomes even more significant. Over 6 million seniors in Canada fall into the eligible category, making this boost a crucial lifeline for many. These seniors have worked hard, contributed to society, and now deserve the financial support they need.

Eligibility Criteria

Wondering if you’ll receive the OAS $1445 Boost? Here’s what you need to meet:

  1. Age: You must be 65 years or older.
  2. Residency: You should be a Canadian citizen for at least 10 years since turning 18.
  3. Legal Status: If you’re not currently living in Canada, you must be a legal resident of the country.

When Will You Get the Boost?

Mark your calendars! The OAS $1445 Boost will be provided by April 15, 2024. This one-time payment aims to help seniors cope with the increased cost of living, making it easier to meet their needs and overcome daily challenges.

Seniors: The Backbone of Our Nation

Our seniors have played a vital role in building our strong nation. Yet, many face tough choices—deciding between nutrition and paying medical bills. With this boost, we’re ensuring that our seniors receive the financial support they deserve. 💪

How to Access Your Payment

The boost will be automatically added to your regular OAS payment. Keep an eye on your account, and by May 15, 2024, you’ll see the extra $1445 arrive. Whether it’s covering overdue bills or making necessary home repairs, this boost is here to make a difference.

Stay Informed

For more details and updates, visit the official Canada Revenue Agency website. Remember, Hustlers, financial security matters, especially during retirement. Let’s celebrate this boost and continue supporting our seniors! 🙌

Remember, Hustlers, financial knowledge is power. Stay informed and make the most of the OAS $1445 Boost! 💰👵🏼👴🏽

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