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Which Loyalty Program Reigns Supreme?

Avion Vs Aeroplan

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6. Program Structure and Ownership:

Avion offers flexibility to book flights, hotels, and more, while Aeroplan focuses on unlocking exclusive perks within the Air Canada network. Choose your flight path wisely and enjoy the rewards that suit your travel aspirations


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5. Partnership & Airlines

"Avion opens doors to a sky of partners, expanding your redemption options beyond borders. Aeroplan elevates you within Air Canada's wings, unlocking exclusive perks for a more focused flight experience. Choose your loyalty program wisely and embark on a thrilling journey tailored to your travel aspirations."

4. Redemption Flexibility

"Avion spreads its wings with flexible redemptions for flights, hotels, and more, giving you freedom to choose. Aeroplan takes flight with Air Canada as its primary focus, offering exclusive rewards tailored to your jet-setting dreams. Find the program that fits your travel style and unleash the possibilities of your loyalty."

3.  Point Value & Flexibility

"Avion sets a fixed point value system, ensuring consistent rewards when redeeming for travel adventures. Aeroplan takes flight with dynamic pricing, offering flexible point requirements based on destination and availability. Choose the loyalty program that puts the power of points in your hands for unforgettable journeys."

2.  Elite Status and Benefits 

"Avion takes you to new heights with elite status and benefits across multiple airlines, granting you a world of privileges. Aeroplan soars higher within Air Canada's realm, offering exclusive perks tailored to elevate your travel experience. Discover the loyalty program that gives you wings to reach your travel aspirations."

1. Credit Card Affiliation 

"Avion aligns with RBC credit cards, maximizing your rewards potential with seamless integration. Aeroplan flies with its own branded cards and partner offerings, providing tailored opportunities to earn points and reach new travel heights. Choose the credit card affiliation that fuels your journey to unforgettable destinations."

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