Munger expressed deep skepticism, calling Bitcoin "worthless artificial gold" due to its volatile nature.

He criticized Bitcoin for being a speculative asset and expressed concerns about the risks associated with its use.

Munger dismissed the idea of effortless wealth through cryptocurrency, emphasizing the importance of hard work.

He questioned Bitcoin's intrinsic value, stating that it lacks the stability and backing that traditional currencies possess.

Munger famously likened Bitcoin to "rat poison squared," emphasizing his strong negative sentiment toward the cryptocurrency.

Munger, known for his traditional investment approach, expressed wariness towards new and untested financial technologies.

His investment philosophy centers on quality businesses, and he saw Bitcoin as outside the realm of investments with inherent value.

Munger predicted increased government scrutiny and regulation, foreseeing challenges for unregulated cryptocurrencies.

He highlighted the enduring value of traditional banking systems, expressing trust in regulated institutions over decentralized digital currencies.

While critical of cryptocurrencies, Munger acknowledged the evolution of money, hinting at the need for innovation and adaptation in the financial landscape.