Munger admired Costco's consistent model, prioritizing customer satisfaction and efficient operations.

Investing in BYD showcased Munger's belief in innovation, with BYD as a leader in electric vehicles.

Munger recognized Alibaba's strong market position in China's booming e-commerce sector.

Munger's investment in Daily Journal reflects his appreciation for undervalued businesses with growth potential.

Munger prioritized quality, emphasizing investing in businesses with enduring value over quantity.

Before investing, Munger understood each company's model for a clear comprehension of its fundamentals.

Munger sought companies with sustainable competitive advantages, aligning with value investing principles.

Munger's adaptability and learning from diverse disciplines informed investment decisions, contributing to his success.

Emphasizing trustworthy management, Munger believed in investing in businesses led by competent and ethical leaders.

Munger's success stemmed from a long-term perspective, holding quality stocks for extended periods.