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15 Lesser-Known Facts About Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles

By Hustlehub.ca

Fact 15. Unique Partnerships

Did you know that Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles have exclusive partnerships with various airlines, hotels, and retailers? These partnerships allow members to earn and redeem points across a wide range of brands, making these programs incredibly versatile.

Fact 14. Points Flexibility

Unlike other loyalty programs, Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles offer the flexibility of transferring points between family members, allowing you to pool your points together for even greater rewards.

Fact 13. Experiential Rewards 

Besides flights and merchandise, these loyalty programs offer extraordinary experiential rewards such as VIP access to events, behind-the-scenes tours, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Prepare to be amazed by the possibilities!

Fact 12. Travel Insurance Benefits

One of the hidden gems of Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles is the travel insurance coverage they provide. From trip cancellation insurance to emergency medical coverage, these programs offer peace of mind during your travels.

Fact 11. Hotel Perks

Members of these loyalty programs can enjoy exclusive hotel benefits, including room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, and late check-outs. Take your hotel stay to the next level with these hidden perks!

Fact 10. Car Rental Rewards

 Renting a car? Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles have you covered! Earn points and enjoy special discounts and upgrades when you book your car rental through their respective partners.

Fact 9. Dining Rewards

Craving a delicious meal? Some of the lesser-known benefits of these programs include earning points while dining at participating restaurants. Indulge in your favorite cuisine and watch your points soar!

Fact 8.  Elite Status Privileges 

By achieving elite status within these loyalty programs, you unlock a world of exclusive privileges such as priority check-in, access to airport lounges, and enhanced customer service. Elevate your travel experience like a true VIP!

Fact 7. Online Shopping Bonuses

Shopping online? Earn extra points when you shop through the designated online portals of Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles. Discover a new way to boost your points balance while enjoying the convenience of online shopping.

Fact 6. Charitable Donations

Did you know that these loyalty programs allow you to use your points for charitable donations? Make a difference by supporting your favorite causes while enjoying the benefits of loyalty.

Fact 5. Limited-Time Promotions

Stay up to date with exclusive limited-time promotions offered by Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles. These promotions can include bonus point offers, discounted flights, and special rewards, giving you even more reasons to participate.

Fact 4. Family Sharing

Planning a trip with your loved ones? These loyalty programs offer family sharing options, allowing you to use your points to book flights or redeem rewards for family members, creating unforgettable memories together.

Fact 3. Tailored Offers 

Benefit from personalized offers based on your preferences and travel patterns. Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles use advanced algorithms to provide customized recommendations, ensuring you receive relevant offers that cater to your interests.

Fact 2. No Expiry Dates

Worried about your points expiring? Relax! Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles have no expiry dates on their points, allowing you to save up for that dream redemption without the pressure of time constraints.

Fact 1. Travel Hacks

Unlock a world of travel hacks and insider tips with the community of Aeroplan, Avion, and Airmiles enthusiasts. From maximizing your points earning potential to redeeming rewards strategically, learn from experienced travelers and enhance your loyalty program experience.