$2600 OAS for Seniors in June 2024: Are You Eligible? Check Payment Dates Now!

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Hey Hustlers, keeping up with your finances is crucial, especially as you approach retirement. The Old Age Security (OAS) program in Canada is designed to provide financial support to seniors, ensuring a stable income during your golden years. Let’s dive into who qualifies for the $2600 OAS for June 2024 and the important payment dates you need to know. Stay with HustleHub for all the details!

Senior couple reviewing $2600 OAS benefits and financial documents at home, highlighting security and stability.
Senior couple enjoying a moment of financial security at home.

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In June 2024, eligible Canadian seniors can receive up to $2600 from the Old Age Security (OAS) program. This benefit is available to those aged 65 and above, with specific eligibility criteria based on income and residency. Payments are typically issued in the last three business days of the month, and you can choose to receive them via direct deposit or cheque. Understanding the payment schedule and qualification requirements can help you manage your retirement budget more effectively.

Who Qualifies for the OAS Pension in 2024?

To qualify for the OAS pension in 2024, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Age Requirement: You must be at least 65 years old.
  • Residency: You need to be a Canadian citizen or a legal resident at the time your OAS application is approved.
  • Residency Duration: You must have lived in Canada for at least 10 years after turning 18.
  • Income Threshold: Your annual income must be below the maximum threshold. For seniors aged 65 to 74, the maximum annual net world income is $134,626. For those 75 and over, it is $137,331.

Payment Dates for June 2024

Understanding the payment schedule is essential for budgeting. The OAS payments for June 2024 are scheduled as follows:

  • Next Payment Date: June 26, 2024.
  • Payments are usually issued within the last three business days of each month.

OAS Payment Amounts

The amount you receive from OAS depends on various factors, including your income and age. Here’s a breakdown of the maximum monthly payments:

Age GroupMaximum Monthly Payment
65 to 74 years$713.34
75 and over$784.67

Additional Benefits

Along with the basic OAS pension, eligible seniors may also qualify for supplementary benefits:

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS): For low-income seniors receiving OAS.
  • Allowance: For low-income individuals aged 60 to 64 whose spouse or common-law partner receives GIS.
  • Allowance for the Survivor: For low-income widows aged 60 to 64.

How to Apply for OAS

You can apply for OAS online via the My Service Canada Account or by submitting a paper application. It’s advisable to apply six months before you turn 65 to ensure timely processing.

FAQs on $2600 OAS For Seniors June 2024

What should be the age of the candidates applying for the OAS pension program 2024?

Candidates must be at least 65 years old.

Can only citizens of Canada apply for the OAS pension plan?

No, legal residents can also apply if they meet the residency requirements.

What is the maximum income threshold for OAS eligibility?

$134,626 for ages 65-74 and $137,331 for those 75 and older.

When are the OAS payments made?

Typically in the last three business days of each month.

Can OAS payments be received by direct deposit?

Yes, direct deposit is available and recommended for faster access.

Are OAS benefits taxable?

Yes, OAS benefits are considered taxable income.

What additional benefits are available for low-income seniors?

GIS, Allowance, and Allowance for the Survivor are available for qualifying individuals.


Staying informed about your OAS benefits can significantly impact your financial stability in retirement. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, keep track of payment dates, and explore additional benefits if you qualify. For more detailed information, visit HustleHub.

Internal Resources

For further assistance and detailed information on OAS, visit the official Government of Canada OAS page.

This article ensures you have all the necessary information about the $2600 OAS for seniors in June 2024. For more updates and financial tips, stay connected with HustleHub!

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