CPP Payment Dates 2024: Maximize Your Benefits with Key Dates, Amounts, and Increases

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Hey Hustlers! Planning for your financial future? Understanding the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is crucial. Let’s break down the key dates, amounts, and increases for 2024, making sure you’re set up for success with HustleHub.

Senior couple reviewing CPP finances at home with laptop and calendar.
Senior couple reviewing their finances at the kitchen table

Key Takeaway

  • CPP Payment Dates: Monthly payments on the third-last business day.
  • CPP Payment Amounts: Maximum for 2024 is $1,364.60; average is around $831.92.
  • CPP Disability Payments: Maximum of $1,606.78; average is $1,176.98.
  • CPP Payment Increase: Predicted to be around 3% due to inflation.
  • How to Qualify: Requires contributions based on your earnings.

CPP Payment Dates for 2024

Knowing when you’ll receive your CPP payments is essential for budgeting. Here are the CPP payment dates for 2024:

MonthPayment Date
JanuaryJanuary 29
FebruaryFebruary 27
MarchMarch 26
AprilApril 26
MayMay 29
JuneJune 26
JulyJuly 29
AugustAugust 28
SeptemberSeptember 25
OctoberOctober 29
NovemberNovember 27
DecemberDecember 20

(Source: Savvy New Canadians)

CPP Payment Amounts

Maximum and Average Payments

For 2024, the maximum monthly CPP payment at age 65 is $1,364.60, while the average payment is around $831.92. Your exact payment depends on your contribution history and the maximum pensionable earnings (YMPE), which for 2024 is set at $68,500.

Disability Payments

If you’re receiving CPP disability benefits, the maximum payment for 2024 is $1,606.78, with an average of $1,176.98. These benefits are crucial for those unable to work due to a disability.

Type of BenefitMaximum Amount (2024)Average Amount (2024)
Retirement Pension (at age 65)$1,364.60$831.92
Disability Benefit$1,606.78$1,176.98
Survivor’s Pension (under 65)$739.31$524.68
Survivor’s Pension (65 and older)$818.76$326.87
Children’s Benefit$294.12$294.12
Death Benefit (one-time payment)$2,500.00$2,499.17

(Source: Canada.ca)

CPP Payment Increase

Expected Increase for 2024

In 2024, CPP payments are expected to increase by approximately 3% due to inflation adjustments. This adjustment helps maintain the purchasing power of your benefits amidst rising living costs.

Historical Comparison

For context, the increase rates over the past few years have varied, with a significant 10.2% increase in 2023 due to high inflation. The adjustments ensure that your CPP payments keep pace with the cost of living.

(Source: CanPension)

How to Qualify for CPP

To qualify for CPP, you must have made at least one valid contribution based on your pensionable earnings. Contributions are mandatory for all employees earning above a minimum threshold. The standard retirement age is 65, but you can start receiving reduced benefits at 60 or increased benefits if you delay until 70.


What is the CPP rate for 2024?

The base rate for employees is 5.95% of earnings up to $68,500. For self-employed individuals, it’s 11.90%.

How do I apply for CPP?

You can apply online via your My Service Canada account or by submitting a paper application.

Can I receive retroactive payments?

Yes, but only for up to 12 months if you apply after turning 65.

What happens if I start CPP early?

Your payments will be reduced by 0.6% for each month you start before 65.

What if I delay my CPP?

Delaying increases your monthly payments by 0.7% for each month after 65.

Is CPP taxable?

Yes, CPP payments are considered taxable income.

How can I maximize my CPP benefits?

Ensure you contribute the maximum amount for at least 39 years.

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Understanding the intricacies of CPP payments can significantly impact your financial planning. Stay informed, and make the most of your benefits with HustleHub by your side.

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