CRA Benefits 2024: Unveiling Existing and Projected Benefits with Payment Dates

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In this article, we’ll delve into the myriad benefits provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to its citizens in 2024. From financial assistance tailored to individual needs to projected changes in benefits and payment dates, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding CRA Benefits in 2024

The CRA disburses grants based on factors like annual income, the number of dependents, and various other considerations. Beneficiaries receive monthly payments, and we’re here to provide you with the essential details regarding CRA benefits, rates for 2024, important dates, and more.

Federal Benefits Addressing Rising Costs

The Federal Government offers a spectrum of benefits to help citizens cope with increasing living expenses. These monthly payments, eagerly anticipated by many Canadians, cover various aspects such as work permits and benefits for international students.

The CRA’s benefits portfolio includes Goods and Services Tax (GST), Harmonized Tax benefits, child benefits, workers benefits, pension benefits, and more. The eligibility for these benefits is determined by individual taxpayers’ income and tax return.

As Canada’s revenue agency, the CRA not only collects income tax but also administers numerous benefits. The distribution of these sums to taxpayers aligns with their qualifications, contributing to the country’s welfare.

CRA benefits are contingent on the program, eligibility, payment dates, and application instructions. Monthly benefits, akin to tax credits, are dispensed at varying rates and dates based on your tax return.

Existing and Projected CRA Benefits in 2024

In 2024, the CRA will maintain the benefits offered in the previous year. However, beneficiaries can expect changes in benefit rates and taxation prices. These adjustments, responding to inflation and requirements, will result in higher benefit rates for eligible citizens, particularly a 4 percent increase in the CPP rate for pensioners.

Payment Dates to Remember

The CRA has streamlined the disbursement process to ensure beneficiaries receive their payments promptly. Here are the payment dates for some key federal benefits:

BenefitPayment Dates (2024)
Canada Pension Plan (CPP)29 Jan, 27 Feb, 26 Mar, 26 Apr
Old Age Security (OAS)29 Jan, 27 Feb, 26 Mar, 26 Apr
GST/HST Credits5 Jan, 5 Apr, 5 July, 4 Oct
Canada Child Benefits (CCB)19 Jan, 20 Feb, 20 Mar, 19 Apr
Climate Action Incentive15 Jan, 15 Apr, 15 Jul, 15 Oct

These dates ensure that beneficiaries receiving federal benefits, including regional benefits, won’t miss out on their payments.


These benefits, extended to taxpayers and citizens after fulfilling their tax obligations, underscore the CRA’s commitment. Whether it’s tax-related or federal benefits, the CRA strives to provide essential support based on eligibility and requirements.

For further details on each benefit and how to make the most of them, continue exploring this article. The CRA aims to release these benefits promptly on the specified dates, contributing to the well-being of Canadians.

1. How are CRA benefits determined in 2024?

CRA benefits are calculated based on factors such as annual income, the number of dependents, and individual circumstances. The rates and eligibility criteria are outlined in your taxation return.

2. Will there be changes to CRA benefit rates in 2024?

A: Yes, the CRA is projected to make adjustments to benefit rates in 2024, responding to inflation and specific requirements. Notably, the CPP rate for pensioners is expected to increase by 4 percent.

3. When can I expect to receive my CRA benefits in 2024?

A: Payment dates vary for different benefits. For instance, Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security payments are scheduled on 29 Jan, 27 Feb, 26 Mar, and 26 Apr. Check the article for a comprehensive list.

4. Are GST/HST credits only for specific taxpayers?

A: GST/HST credits are received by taxpayers filing their taxation return to the CRA. If you’re eligible, you can expect credits on 5 Jan, 5 Apr, 5 July, and 4 Oct in 2024.

5. How do Canada Child Benefits support families?

Canada Child Benefits aim to assist families with children under 18. The caretaker receives monthly benefits to cover expenses, with payments scheduled on 19 Jan, 20 Feb, 20 Mar, and 19 Apr in 2024.

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