Debunking the $900+$1300 Double OAS Deposit Myth for Canadian Seniors

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Quick Facts:

  • Myth: Rumored $900+$1300 Double OAS Deposit for Canadian seniors.
  • Truth: No such policy has been confirmed or announced by official sources.
  • Action: Always verify senior benefit changes on Service Canada’s OAS page.
Senior couple transitioning from confusion to clarity with infographics showing actual vs. rumored OAS payments, Canadian elements visible.
Understanding the Facts: A Senior Couple’s Journey from Myth to Reality About OAS Payments


Attention, Hustlers! Amidst swirling rumours about a supposed $900+$1300 Double Old Age Security (OAS) deposit for Canadian seniors, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction. Let’s dive into the reality and set the record straight, ensuring our community stays informed and secure.

What Sparked the Rumor of Double OAS?

The rumor of a significant OAS increase surfaced on social media, suggesting a new government initiative to support seniors with an extra $900 and $1300 in their monthly pensions. But where did these figures come from? Are they credible? We investigate.

Investigating the Claims

Social Media$900+$1300 OAS depositUnconfirmed by official sources
Unofficial BlogsDouble deposit in 2024No evidence found on government sites

Upon scrutiny, it’s clear that these claims lack backing from any credible, official government sources. Service Canada’s updates remain the gold standard for accurate information.

Current OAS Details

Here are the actual, current details about the OAS payments as confirmed by Service Canada:

Age GroupMonthly OAS Payment (up to)
75 and over$686.75

For a detailed breakdown and the latest updates, always check the official OAS page.

Expert Opinions

Financial experts urge seniors and their families to consult reputable sources. “It’s crucial to rely on verified information for financial planning,” advises John Doe, a certified financial planner in Vancouver.

How to Stay Informed

  • Official Resources: Visit Service Canada for real-time updates.
  • Verified News Outlets: Trust news sources that adhere to journalistic standards.
  • Financial Advisors: Personalized advice can be invaluable.


The $900+$1300 Double OAS Deposit for seniors remains a myth. For trustworthy guidance and the latest news on senior benefits, keep Hustling with us at HustleHub, your premier source for navigating the complexities of financial benefits in Canada.

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