Unlock Your GSIS Survivorship Pension 2024: Eligibility, Amounts, and Claim Process Explained

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In these challenging times, ensuring financial security for our loved ones is paramount. That’s where the GSIS Survivorship Pension 2024 steps in, providing vital support for the families of deceased GSIS members. Whether you’re the spouse, child, or even a parent of a deceased member, this benefit ensures you have the resources needed to maintain your quality of life.

Happy multi-generational family discussing finances at home with GSIS  Survivorship Pension logo in the background.
A family discussing their financial planning and GSIS Survivorship Pension benefits.

Key Takeaway Box

  • Eligibility: Legal spouses, dependent children, parents, and siblings.
  • Payment Amount: 50% of the basic pension for spouses; additional 10% per dependent child.
  • Claim Form: Original death certificate, proof of relationship, marriage certificates, birth certificates.
  • Payout Date: Monthly, aligned with GSIS pension schedules.

GSIS Survivorship Pension Eligibility

The GSIS Survivorship Pension prioritizes the welfare of the deceased member’s family. Here’s how eligibility breaks down:

Primary Beneficiaries:

  1. Surviving Legal Spouse:
    • Must have been married to the member for at least one year before retirement, or for at least ten years if married post-retirement.
  2. Dependent Children:
    • Includes legitimate, legally adopted, or acknowledged children under 21 years old. Extended to 25 years old if enrolled in a college or vocational course, and covers disabled children regardless of age.

Secondary Beneficiaries:

  • In the absence of primary beneficiaries, the pension goes to:
    • Dependent parents
    • Dependent siblings

Payment Amount and Date

The GSIS Survivorship Pension comprises two main parts:

  1. Basic Survivorship Pension:
    • 50% of the basic minimum pension acquired by the deceased member.
  2. Dependent’s Pension:
    • Each dependent child receives 10% of the basic minimum pension until they reach the age of majority or meet other qualifying conditions.

There’s a maximum cap on the survivorship pension, equivalent to Step 8 of the current salary of an undersecretary under the Salary Standardization Law. Payments are disbursed monthly, following the same schedule as GSIS pensions.

Table 1: Payment Structure

BeneficiaryPercentage of Basic Pension
Surviving Spouse50%
Each Dependent Child10%

Table 2: Example Payment Dates

MonthPayment Date
July 202415th July 2024
August 202415th August 2024

Claim Form

Fulfilling the eligibility criteria? Here’s how to claim your GSIS Survivorship Pension:

  1. Gather Required Documents:
    • Original death certificate of the GSIS member/pensioner.
    • Proof of relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificates for children, etc.).
  2. Submit Requirements:
    • File the claim personally or through an authorized GSIS branch.
  3. Processing Time:
    • Typically takes 15 to 30 working days. GSIS will notify you about the status of your claim.
  4. Claiming the Pension:
    • Once approved, receive your pension through a GSIS ATM card or directly into your nominated bank account.

Important: The claim for survivorship pension should be filed within four years from the date of death. The GSIS may conduct home visitations as part of the verification process. The spouse’s pension may be discontinued if they remarry, cohabit, or enter a common-law relationship.


Who qualifies as a primary beneficiary?

The legal spouse and dependent children of the deceased GSIS member.

Can secondary beneficiaries claim the pension?

Yes, if there are no primary beneficiaries, dependent parents or siblings may claim.

What documents are needed for the claim?

Death certificate, proof of relationship (marriage and birth certificates).

How long does it take to process the claim?

Between 15 to 30 working days.

Can I receive the pension directly in my bank account?

Yes, you can choose to have it credited to your nominated bank account.

Is there a time limit for filing the claim?

Yes, it must be filed within four years from the date of death.

What happens if the surviving spouse remarries?

The spouse’s pension will be discontinued.

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