Unlock £1319 Monthly Benefits: Essential Guide for UK Seniors with Long-Term Health Conditions (LTHC)

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Hey Hustlers! If you or someone you know is a senior living in the UK with long-term health conditions (LTHC), there’s some great news coming your way. The UK government has introduced an additional monthly help of £1319 to support seniors with LTHC. Let’s dive into the details of what LTHC is, the eligibility criteria, and the facts behind this financial aid. Remember, HustleHub is here to guide you through this information seamlessly.

Elderly woman holding a 'Benefits Approval' document with LTHC professional assistance in the background and 
 financial icons.
Elderly woman receiving benefits approval assistance, highlighting the £1319 monthly help for UK seniors with long-term health conditions.

Key Takeaway

UK seniors with long-term health conditions (LTHC) may be eligible for an additional £1319 monthly assistance. This support combines State Pension and Attendance Allowance, providing financial relief to cover medical and daily living expenses. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and apply to benefit from this aid.

What is LTHC?

Long-term health conditions (LTHC) include chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, COPD, arthritis, and more. These conditions often require ongoing medical care and support. The UK government recognizes the challenges faced by seniors with LTHC and offers various benefits to ease their financial burden.

Eligibility for £1319 Extra Monthly Help

To qualify for the £1319 extra monthly help, seniors must meet specific criteria:

  1. Age: Must be of State Pension age.
  2. Residence: Permanent resident of the UK.
  3. Health Condition: Have a long-term physical or mental health condition.
  4. Benefit Status: Already receiving State Pension and Attendance Allowance.
  5. Impact on Daily Life: Condition must significantly affect daily living activities.

Fact Check

The £1319 figure combines the full New State Pension and the higher rate of Attendance Allowance:

  • State Pension: Full New State Pension is £221.20 per week, totaling £884.80 every four weeks.
  • Attendance Allowance: Higher rate is £108.55 per week, totaling £434.20 every four weeks.

Together, these benefits amount to £1319 every four weeks.

How to Apply

Applying for this additional help involves several steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the criteria mentioned above.
  2. Gather Documents: Prepare necessary documents such as medical reports and proof of residence.
  3. Submit Application: Complete the Attendance Allowance form available on the GOV.UK website or seek assistance from Citizens Advice.


What is the Attendance Allowance?

A benefit for seniors who need help with personal care due to a physical or mental disability.

Can I receive Attendance Allowance if I’m still working?

Yes, Attendance Allowance is not means-tested and does not affect other benefits.

Does savings affect eligibility for Attendance Allowance?

No, your savings or income do not impact your eligibility.

Can I receive both Attendance Allowance and State Pension?

Yes, you can receive both benefits simultaneously.

How is the payment made?

Payments are made directly to your bank account every four weeks.

What if I’m not eligible for Attendance Allowance?

You may be eligible for other benefits like Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Where can I get help with my application?

Assistance is available through Citizens Advice or directly from the GOV.UK website.


Understanding the financial aids available can significantly impact the quality of life for UK seniors with LTHC. Hustlers, if you or your loved ones are eligible, make sure to take advantage of this support. For more detailed information and updates, stay tuned to HustleHub.

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