What is $RUN? What makes Run Together’s Move to Earn model unique and exciting?[January 2023]

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Unlock the earning potential of movement with Run Together – the revolutionary Move to Earn model. Whether you’re walking, jogging, or running, you can earn rewards effortlessly. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Run Together offers users the chance to purchase one-of-a-kind NFTs, such as shoes, sportswear, glasses, and more. Make your fitness journey more exciting with Run Together’s exclusive NFT marketplace.

What is $RUN? What makes Run Together's Move to Earn model unique and exciting?
$RUN Move to Earn
Where can I buy the $RUN token?
What is $RUN? What makes Run Together’s Move to Earn model unique and exciting?

What is the $RUN Move to Earn model and how does it relate to the Run Together project?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are constantly evolving, and new ideas are being developed all the time. Projects like Run Together are working to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain out of just computer programs and into the real world.

Run Together is a project that uses the latest technology, called Web3.0, to encourage people to be more active and healthy, and to help the environment. By participating in activities like running, walking, or jogging, users can earn rewards in the form of a token called RUN. It’s all about making it fun and easy to do good for yourself and the planet.”

The $RUN token is the official currency of the Run Together app. It can be used to purchase NFTs from the marketplace. As users participate in activities like running, walking and jogging, they will be rewarded with $RUN tokens. These tokens can then be withdrawn from an exchange and sold for a profit.

“To start using Run Together:

  1. Go to the Play Store or App Store and download the app.
  2. Create an account and verify your email address
  3. Set up a BSC Wallet and make sure to save the 12 phrases for logging in
  4. Add some BNB to your wallet to purchase NFTs
  5. Browse the marketplace for the shoes, clothes, and other items you want to buy
  6. Turn on your GPS and select the activity mode
  7. Start running, walking, or jogging to earn $RUN Token”

Where can I buy the $RUN token?

The $RUN token, the native token of Run Together, can currently be found on Pancake Swap, DODO, and Second BTC exchanges.

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What are the different modes available on the Run Together platform?

Run Together offers a variety of modes for users to choose from, including Solo Mode, Together Mode, Tournament Mode, 1V1 Challenge Mode, Trainer Mode, and Background Mode. In Solo Mode, users can select a shoe and start running independently. Together Mode allows users to run in groups with friends, while Tournament Mode offers weekly and monthly competitions for users to participate in. In 1V1 Challenge Mode, users can bet on a competition with another user, staking $RUN tokens and deciding the distance and time of the race. Trainer Mode allows experienced users to guide others and earn rewards, and Background Mode tracks steps and rewards users even when the app is not open.

“What are the steps to begin running on the Run Together app?”

In order to start running on Run Together, you will first need to purchase NFTs of shoes. These shoes will give you Hydro, which is similar to energy. You will need Hydro to run, without it you will not be able to earn rewards. You can earn 25% off Hydro every 6 hours. Once you have Hydro, you can select your desired activity mode and start running or walking.

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