XAI Airdrop on Arbitrum Puts $70 Million Into Gamers’ Wallets

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What is XAI?

XAI Airdrop: XAI is the native token of the Xai gaming network, a layer-3 solution built on top of Arbitrum, an Ethereum scaling platform. Xai aims to be a hub for blockchain-based competitive gaming, with launch titles like Final Form, a card game with auto-battler elements, and LAMO, a cartoonish online world where characters battle each other. ¹²

Xai tokens are used to pay for transaction fees, buy and sell NFTs and in-game items, and participate in governance and rewards on the network. Xai also plans to introduce a staking mechanism and a yield farming program to incentivize users to hold and use the tokens. ³

XAI Airdrop

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a layer-2 scaling solution that aims to improve the speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency of Ethereum transactions. Arbitrum uses a technique called optimistic rollups, which bundle multiple transactions into a single proof that is submitted to the Ethereum mainnet. This reduces the amount of data and computation required on the mainnet, while preserving the security and decentralization of Ethereum. ⁴

Arbitrum also allows developers to create their own layer-3 networks using its Orbit technology. Orbit is a program that lets anyone deploy a custom blockchain on top of Arbitrum, with its own rules, features, and tokens. Orbit networks can benefit from the scalability and interoperability of Arbitrum, while having more flexibility and control over their own ecosystem. ⁵

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What was the XAI airdrop?

The XAI airdrop was the first major gaming token airdrop of 2024, distributing 125 million XAI tokens, representing 5% of the total supply, to eligible users on the Arbitrum network. The airdrop rewarded early adopters and supporters of the Xai gaming network and its associated projects. ⁶

The eligible recipients of the XAI airdrop included:

  • NFT holders: Users who owned Odyssey Legendaries or Vanguards, which are profile-picture style NFTs that grant access to exclusive content and benefits on the Xai network. Each NFT holder received 1,307 XAI for a Legendary and 290 XAI for a Vanguard. ⁷
  • Validators: Users who ran Sentry Nodes, which are nodes that power and secure the Xai network. Each validator received 1,658 XAI per node or key. ⁸
  • Exchange users: Users who traded or held XAI on supported exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. The amount of XAI received varied depending on the exchange and the user’s activity. ⁹

The XAI airdrop took place on December 27, 2023, and the tokens were distributed shortly after. The token debuted at $0.68 and rose to $0.77 before falling to $0.57. The airdrop had an estimated value of $70 million, based on the token’s market cap of $154 million. [^10^]

What are the future plans of Xai?

While Xai has hinted at a Season 2 of airdrops, the details remain unclear. The network also partnered with esports organization Team Secret to promote competitive gaming and attract more players and fans to the Xai ecosystem. ¹¹

Xai’s launch games, Final Form and LAMO, are expected to go live in early 2024, and will feature NFT-based gameplay, tournaments, and rewards. Xai also plans to onboard more game developers and publishers to create and launch new titles on its network, as well as integrate with other platforms and protocols in the blockchain gaming space. ¹²

Xai’s vision is to become the leading gaming network on Arbitrum and Ethereum, and to provide a seamless and fun experience for gamers, creators, and collectors. With its innovative layer-3 solution, its diverse and engaging games, and its generous and loyal community, Xai is poised to make a big impact in the decentralized gaming ecosystem.

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