How to Calculate Point Value: Aeroplan, Air Miles, and Avion

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Hey there, Hustlers! Ready to unlock the secrets of Canadian loyalty programs and soar through the skies with exclusive perks? Buckle up as we take you on a high-flying journey through the world of points, rewards, and epic travel experiences.

Canadian Airline Loyalty Programs

Loyalty ProgramValuation (CAD)Valuation (USD)Highlights
Aeroplan2.1 cents/point1.6 cents/pointVersatile, stopover perks, premium cabins.
Air Miles10.5 cents/mileCash rewards, dreamy flight redemptions.
Amex MR2.2 cents/pointFlexible, optimal for Aeroplan transfers.
BMO Rewards0.67 cents/pointUnique redemption options, travel credits.
CIBC Aventura1.25 cents/pointBaseline and promotional redemptions.


Embark on an exhilarating journey with Aeroplan! It’s not just a program; it’s your ticket to a joyride of possibilities. Imagine seamless stopovers and the luxury of premium cabins – Aeroplan turns every traveller’s dream into reality.

Air Miles

Prepare for a thrill! Air Miles isn’t just about points; it’s about unlocking a treasure trove of cash rewards and flights that will transport you into the clouds. Don’t miss out on the magic of occasional promotions – your next dreamy adventure could be just around the corner!

Amex MR

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities with Amex MR! It’s not just about flexibility; it’s about mastering the art of travel rewards. Optimize your journey with seamless transfers to Aeroplan and beyond. Let your rewards redefine the way you explore the world – the sky’s the limit!

BMO Rewards

Chart your own course with BMO Rewards! This isn’t just about points; it’s about navigating unique paths to unlock a world of redemptions. From travel credits to exclusive experiences, BMO Rewards ensures every journey is as unique as you are. Adventure awaits – where will BMO take you?

CIBC Aventura

Baseline or beyond, CIBC Aventura caters to your every redemption desire. Picture yourself on a promotional joyride, doubling the thrill. It’s not just a program; it’s your passport to a world where every redemption, every point, is an invitation to a new adventure. Let CIBC Aventura be your travel companion!

Calculate Point Value: Aeroplan, Air Miles, and Avion

US Airline and Bank Loyalty Programs

Loyalty ProgramValuation (CAD)Valuation (USD)Unique Selling Points
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan2.1 cents/mile1.6 cents/mileUnique partners, sweet spots.
American Airlines AAdvantage1.9 cents/mile (CAD)1.4 cents/mile (USD)Competitive pricing, sweet spots.
Amex US Membership Rewards2.4 cents/point (CAD)1.8 cents/point (USD)Exclusive partners, frequent bonuses.
Capital One Miles2.3 cents/point (CAD)1.7 cents/point (USD)15 airline programs, 3 hotels.
Chase Ultimate Rewards2.3 cents/point (CAD)1.7 cents/point (USD)Exclusive airline and hotel partners.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Embark on a journey of discovery with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan! Uncover unique partners and unearth sweet spots for redemptions that will leave a lasting mark on your travel memories.

American Airlines AAdvantage

Prepare for a paradigm shift in travel! American Airlines AAdvantage offers not just competitive pricing but unveils sweet spots that redefine the very essence of premium flights. Your journey will never be the same again.

Amex US MR

Welcome to the world of Amex US MR, where exclusivity meets bonuses! With exclusive partnerships and frequent bonuses, Amex adds that extra punch to your travel rewards, making every redemption a celebration.

Capital One Miles

Embark on an odyssey with Capital One Miles! Explore a world of options with fifteen airline programs and three hotels at your fingertips. Your journey is not just a destination; it’s an exploration.

Chase Ultimate Rewards

Redefine your travel experience with Chase Ultimate Rewards! From exclusive partnerships with airlines to high bars set in collaboration with hotels, Chase takes your travel aspirations to new heights. The bar is set – are you ready to soar?

International Airline Programs

Airline ProgramValuation (CAD)Valuation (USD)What Sets It Apart
Air France KLM Flying Blue1.9 cents/point (CAD)1.4 cents/point (USD)Unique redemptions, Promo Rewards.
British Airways Avios2.0 cents/Avios (CAD)1.5 cents/Avios (USD)Distance-based chart, short-haul gems.
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles1.6 cents/mile (CAD)1.2 cents/mile (USD)Generous routing rules, increased availability.

Air France KLM Flying Blue

Embark on a journey of unique redemptions with Air France KLM Flying Blue! Unlock the door to unparalleled travel experiences and delve into Promo Rewards for offers that are simply unbeatable.

British Airways Avios

Chart your course with British Airways Avios and let the distance-based chart make short-haul adventures a breeze! Experience a travel revolution where every Avios takes you closer to new and exciting destinations.

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

Embark on an odyssey with Cathay Pacific Asia Miles! With generous routing rules and increased availability, your Asian adventure awaits. It’s not just a journey; it’s an exploration of the vast and diverse landscapes of the East.

Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotel ProgramValuation (CAD)Valuation (USD)What to Expect
Best Western Rewards0.8 cents/point (CAD)0.6 cents/point (USD)Diverse options, unannounced devaluation.
Marriott Bonvoy0.8 cent/point (CAD)0.6 cents/point (USD)High and low-value opportunities.
Hilton Honors0.7 cents/point (CAD)0.5 cents/point (USD)Dynamic pricing, maximize value.
IHG One Rewards0.5 cents/point (CAD)0.4 cents/point (USD)Dynamic pricing, occasional devaluation.
World of Hyatt2 cents/point (CAD)1.5 cents/point (USD)Impressive quality, limited global footprint.

Best Western Rewards

Dive into a world of diverse options with Best Western Rewards! But, a word of caution – keep an eye out for potential devaluations. Your journey should be a treasure, not a trap.

Marriott Bonvoy

Seize high and low-value opportunities with Marriott Bonvoy! Uncover flexibility with airline transfers that redefine the way you experience travel. Your rewards, your rules.

Hilton Honors

For the savvy traveler, Hilton Honors is a dynamic playground! Navigate the landscape of dynamic pricing to maximize your points for unparalleled value. Your points, your power.

IHG One Rewards

Navigate wisely through the dynamic pricing and occasional devaluations of IHG One Rewards. Every point is a decision, and every decision shapes your journey. Choose wisely, travel brilliantly.

World of Hyatt

Discover impressive quality despite a limited footprint with World of Hyatt! A gem in the hotel loyalty landscape, where every stay is not just an experience but a testament to unparalleled quality and service. Welcome to a world of Hyatt excellence.


Phew! That was a whirlwind tour of Canadian loyalty programs. From sky-high valuations to navigating hotel landscapes, you’re now armed with the knowledge to conquer the world of rewards. Ready to turn those points into unforgettable adventures? Fly over to for more insider tips. Safe travels, savvy hustlers!

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