Canada 2024 Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) Changes: What Every Senior Needs to Know

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Hey Hustlers! Keeping up with government benefits can be tricky, but we’re here to break it down for you. The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) changes in Canada for 2024 are here, and they could impact your finances significantly. Let’s dive into what you need to know, brought to you by HustleHub.

Diverse senior citizens happily discussing GIS financial planning with Canadian symbols in the background.
Senior citizens engaging in financial planning, highlighting Guaranteed Income Supplement changes in Canada for 2024.


  • Eligibility: Canadians aged 65+ receiving Old Age Security (OAS) with low income.
  • Maximum Payments (April to June 2024):
    • Single, divorced, or widowed: Up to $1,065.47/month if income < $21,624.
    • Married/Common-law partner (full OAS): Up to $641.35/month if combined income < $28,560.
    • Married/Common-law partner (no OAS/Allowance): Up to $1,065.47/month if combined income < $51,840.
    • Married/Common-law partner (Allowance): Up to $641.35/month if combined income < $39,984.
  • Application: Automatic enrollment in most cases, manual application needed if not auto-enrolled.
  • Changes: Reflects increases in the cost of living as per the Consumer Price Index.

What is the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)?

The GIS is a non-taxable monthly payment available to low-income Old Age Security (OAS) pensioners aged 65 and older. It is designed to help seniors with their basic needs, ensuring a decent quality of life during retirement.

Key Changes in 2024

The GIS amounts and eligibility criteria have been updated for 2024. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

Maximum Payments (April to June 2024)

StatusMaximum Annual IncomeMonthly Payment
Single, Divorced, or WidowedLess than $21,624Up to $1,065.47
Spouse/Common-law Partner (Full OAS)Less than $28,560 (combined)Up to $641.35
Spouse/Common-law Partner (Allowance)Less than $39,984 (combined)Up to $641.35
Spouse/Common-law Partner (No OAS/Allowance)Less than $51,840 (combined)Up to $1,065.47

These adjustments reflect the changes in the cost of living as measured by the Consumer Price Index. This means your benefits keep pace with inflation and are reviewed quarterly.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the GIS in 2024, you must:

  • Be 65 years or older.
  • Live in Canada.
  • Receive the OAS pension.
  • Have an income below the specified thresholds based on your marital status and your spouse’s income.

Application Process

In most cases, eligible seniors are automatically enrolled for the GIS. If not, you can apply by completing the necessary forms and providing the required documentation. Here’s a quick guide to the application process:

1Check if you’ve received an automatic enrollment letter from Service Canada after your 64th birthday.
2If not enrolled, complete the “Application for the Old Age Security Pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (ISP-3550)” form.
3Submit the form online through My Service Canada Account (MSCA) or mail it to Service Canada.


How to apply for the GIS Payment?

If not automatically enrolled, complete and submit the application form ISP-3550.

How will I receive the GIS Payment?

Payments are made monthly, either by cheque or direct deposit.

What if my income changes?

Contact Service Canada to recalculate your GIS based on current income if it has decreased.

Can immigrants receive GIS?

Yes, if they meet the residency and income requirements. Sponsored immigrants may have restrictions.

Is the GIS taxable?

No, the GIS is a non-taxable benefit.

What happens if I disagree with the amount?

You can request a reconsideration within 90 days of receiving the decision letter.

Can my spouse receive benefits?

Yes, they may be eligible for the Allowance if they meet specific criteria.

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Navigating the Guaranteed Income Supplement changes in Canada 2024 doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right information and resources, you can ensure you’re getting the benefits you deserve. Keep hustling, stay informed, and make the most out of your retirement benefits with HustleHub!

For further details, visit the official Canada GIS page.

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